About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of programmers and make learning to code fun and accessible for all students.

Meet our Team

Schulich Ignite is a student run organization led by passionate and motivated volunteers. Our team strongly believes in our mission and puts in hard work year-round to provide high quality programs to our students. The team consists of students currently pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in various programs including software engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Many of our mentors also have industry experience and can offer valuable insight to students that are interested in pursuing tech-related careers.

Schulich Ignite would not be possible without the efforts of our highly dedicated mentors and executive team. We wish that our hard work helps inspire you and we hope to meet you at our next workshop!

Executive Team

Anmol Ahuja


My name is Anmol Ahuja and I am the President at Schulich Ignite. I am responsible for managing the club, but most importantly, being a mentor. I am in my third year of electrical engineering, and I love playing badminton in my free time and I am a powerlifting athlete!

Ayush Chaudhari

VP Logistics

Hello my name is Ayush Chaudhari and I am the current VP Logistics of Schulich Ignite. I work behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Fun Fact: I enjoy to play basketball

Mohanad Ibrahiem

VP Communications

My name is Mohanad Ibrahiem and I am the VP Communications at Schulich Ignite. I am responsible for contacting high schools, sponsors, organizations, team members and managing the club’s social media. As well, I am a mentor and the club’s photographer. I am also a powerlifting athlete and a meme lord.

Radu Schirliu

VP Content Development

My name is Radu Schirliu, and I am the VP of Content Development for Schulich Ignite. I am responsible for creating all of the teaching materials and examples that are used during the sessions. I am also a mentor, and one of the people working on the Ignite website! Fun fact about me: I first started trying to learn how to code when I was in grade 6.

Rajpreet Gill

VP Events

My name is Rajpreet Gill and I am the VP Events at Schulich Ignite. I am responsible for planning, managing, and executing events. This incorporates organizing the Schulich Ignite Gala and managing collaborations with other clubs. I am also a mentor with Schulich Ignite. A fun fact about me: I would love to have a house in the countryside and own a horse one day (I love horseback riding)!

Vic Phan

VP Finance

My name is Vic Phan, and I am the VP Finance at Schulich Ignite. On top of being a mentor, I am also in charge of buying food and supplies, creating the budget, and managing the club’s finances. One interesting fact about me is that I have never programmed before coming to university!

Junior Executive Team

Ajay Arumugan

Co-Junior VP Events

Dimitar Janevski

Junior VP Content Development

Julien Lagacé

Junior VP Events

Maheen Hossain

Junior VP Logistics

Pooja Veedu

Junior VP Communications

Tony Vo

Junior VP Finance

Other Contributors

Chris Kwiatkowski

Lecture Lead

Hannah Mudge

Website Design

Jackie Kan

Lecture Lead

Kieran Wood

Website Management

Richard Lee

Advisor / Lecture Lead