Cole Pawliw

I’m a software engineering student in my last year. I have a passion for games and one day want to express my creativity as a game dev. I excel at writing fast, effective algorithms of all kinds.

Kieran Wood

I’m a computer science major, with a minor in philosophy. I love to do open source work, especially in scripting, automation, web development, API’s, CLI’s and dev ops!

Brendan Smiley

I am a Mechanical Engineering Technologist currently attending the University of Calgary to further my engineering education. More specifically, I have interests in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.

Spencer Fietz

After graduating with a degree in microbiology, I’m now a Health and Society major with a Psychology concentration. Despite my formal education being unrelated to Computer Science, I’ve long had a passion for technology and have found my niche in full-stack web development.