Frequently Asked Questions

Our sessions are completely free for all. All that we ask is that you bring your enthusiasm and passion for programming!!

Yes! If you would like to be grouped with your friends who are also joining the program, simply list their names in the sign up survey, and we will do the rest!

Through the Schulich Ignite program, you will be able to develop as aprogrammer all the way from gaining basic coding skills all the way to becoming a proficient and certified software developer. Our lectures will teach you how to think outside of the box when solving complex coding problems, and strengthen your problem-solving skills.

Moreover, you will be able to see content from first year university courses, giving you a head start. The Schulich Ignite program is a great way to learn a new skill, meet other students, and develop friendships, while still getting a personalized mentor to help in every step along the way!

We also allow our students showcase their projects on our website, and present in our end of semester Gala, which will have distinguished University of Calgary Professor in the Area of Computer Engineering as well as proficient and experienced industry speakers from companies like Apple, Google, AMD, and Benevity!!

We also Offer exposure to other competitive technical clubs on campus to show our mentees the further applications of Programming in the real world. Lastly, expect to hear about all type of programming competitions happening here at the Univeristy of calgary and more!!

We are always recruiting for mentors, content-developers, and commisoners!

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We will have two formats for our sessions this semester:

  1. Hybrid: We will have the ENG G 203 room booked in the Schulich School of Engineering Building,on the University of Calgary Campus, for students that have access to this form of transport. However, we will also be hosting these sessions on a zoom for students out of reach. Nonetheless, we highly Encourage in person participation here.
  2. Online: We will be running these sessions purely online on zoom, however that doesn’t mean that it will be boring and long, we have engagement commissioners along with many interactive activities and exercises for you in this format too!!

Our programs are aimed at ages between 11-21 (this is not enforced though), our 3 courses range from an gentle introduction to programming in python, to advanced programming methodologies with the aid of Object-Oriented programming, and lastly our Web-development course which builds on the advanced programming methodologies in the field of Websites and many more cool technologies which will help you build and maintain your website!

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