Frequently Asked Questions

Winter sessions will take place online through Zoom, and our platform will be used to code with ease. A mentor will still be assigned 2-4 mentees, and we will have breakout rooms for collaboration. You may ask the lecture lead questions as well through the “raise a hand” feature, or simply by typing in the chat!

Yes! If you would like to be grouped with your friends who are also joining the program, simply list their names in the sign up survey, and we will do the rest!

Through the Schulich Ignite program, you will be able to develop basic coding skills, along with problem-solving skills. Our lectures will teach you how to think outside of the box when solving complex coding problems. Moreover, you will be able to see content from first year university courses, giving you a head start. The Schulich Ignite program is a great way to learn a new skill, meet other students, and develop friendships!

To make coding easily accessible to students, we have a platform where you can code without downloading anything! To access it, please visit the website and login with a gmail address. To start coding, simply navigate to File>New>Notebook at the top left corner and then select Python 3.

This program is directed towards high school students in grades 9-12 who are inexperienced with coding but are looking to start learning its basics.

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