Our Mission

Mission Statement

Schulich Ignite is a club at the University of Calgary with a mission to inspire the next generation of programmers and make learning to code fun and accessible for all students!

We offer free introductory and advanced Python workshops to high school students across Canada through virtual and in-person sessions. All students are connected with mentors who are able to offer one-on-one support as well as insight in to their experience as students in technology themselves!

Promoting Diversity in Tech

Although it is a fast growing industry, software engineering and computer science fields still struggle with a lack of diversity. In Canada, 20% of the tech workforce identify as women, 31.9% identify as a visible minority and only 1.2% identify as Indigenous.

Schulich Ignite aims to connect with underrepresented groups in STEM and invite them to explore their passions for technology. We aspire to provide every student with the knowledge that they always have a place in STEM. Our mentorship based approach to learning code is also used to facilitate an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion.

Young adults who face an opportunity gap but have a mentor are


more likely to enroll in college.

Mentorship programs boost minority representation by


at the management level.

Young women who try computer science in high school are

10 times

more likely to major in it.